Notting Hill House Mini Quilt

Pregnancy is one of the worst yet most exciting waiting games ever. To fill in my time I'm still sewing for my little girl to come still. Pink, pink, and more pink anyone? :ribbon: I'm really loving these happy cloud and rain drop pillows backed with a soft cream chenille. My son, Jacob, actually liked them so much that he asked for his own rain cloud. I managed to deliver that somehow!

So Nadra of Elissa and Higgs recently called for some pattern testers and I eagerly applied.  Happily, I got to test out the Notting Hill House Mini Quilt pattern which you can get here. It's a very sweet little quilt and the pattern was super easy to follow and quite visual too. I used the princess and the pea fabric by Heather Ross and tried to make it look like her amass of mattresses go to the ceiling of the house if it even looks like that lol.  :P  Then I embroidered grilles on the windows and added a button for a doorknob. This is definitely going to make Lyla's area extra girly! It's my personal goal to surround her with lots of fantasy and fairytale things. You knooow, unicorns, woodland creatures, mermaids and the like.

I'm off to satisfy my craving of chocolate now.