Our Exciting News


We're expecting!

So yay!!! We're having a baby! A girl. A girlbaby. I couldn't be more excited, really I couldn't. =D

I still have some months to go, but even those months don't feel like enough time to sew up all the things I want to make before she arrives. In the mean time I've sewed a couple (or more than a couple??) of things for her already. ;)

Things I've made and warning it's picture heavy...

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This ruffle collar bib pattern came from Amy's book Sweetly Stitched Handmades and the other bib from her site tutorial here. She seriously makes the most adorable bibs ever! What I'd do for one of her handmade bibs! And we did pick out a name. An L name. Lyla Rose.

A doll quilt for the wall with 30's repro fabric I had a charm pack of. What I like about these (besides fun nursery decor) is that when she's big enough, she can use them for her dolls if she wants. =)

Sonny Angels! I think they're so cute and found them at a toy store at the Container Park. Plus a wooden yellow egg shaped rattle. Since I plan to breast feed as usual I knew I'd need yet again, lots of burp rags. I use them to help soak up any extra milk while feeding too, they're great to lay under baby's head at night too. I co-slept with my boys as babies and it made night time feedings a hell of a lot easier. I thought I might as well make these cute to boot with fabrics, tags, and embroidery.

So far this is her area. We painted the used changing table (Some people say they never use theirs, but we use ours a lot. I don't want poop on my bed, been there done that, don't ask. ಠ_ಠ ) The layout's going to move around a lot I know already as I add more and change it up. I plan to make a crib skirt out of the vintage pillow cases I've been collecting from Goodwill. The scallop bunting was a fun sew. I cut into some of my favorite fabrics for it and kept adding and adding and adding some more to the point of it coming out twice as long as I intended.  :P

I still have so many more projects I want to make. A diaper bag, bonnets, more dresses....

Overall, I'm doing my best to stay stress free after an extremely hard 1st trimester involving urgent care, a hospital trip, and bed rest. After losing the last two little ones I can't help but feel anxious and worry always lingering at the back of my mind. However, everything is looking very good right now though and she looks super healthy. I really can't ask for anything more, just feeling so grateful right now. I can't wait for our baby to be here, to just hold her and love her. I love being a mommy.