A Baby Sprinkle


What's a baby sprinkle? Well I'm sure you know what a baby shower is, but instead of a full on shower, it's just a little 'sprinkle.'  ^_^ So it's not like, "Oh hey, I need lots of gifts for my new baby!" More like, no gifts required, we've got this, let's just celebrate just because.

With my due date approaching ever nearer, I thought it'd be fun to throw a little baby sprinkle for myself for the following reasons.

  • I had my first actual baby shower with Jude 7 years ago. So that's a good gap.

  • It's a girl, I'm having to make the swap from boy to girl things.

  • To simply celebrate my last pregnancy and enjoy the last days of it.

  • Cupcakes.

Why not? It's a great excuse to have a yummy brunch with cupcakes, then afterwards we girls can go and get our nails done. That's another thing about this pregnancy, I decided I actually want to feel somewhat pretty after having my baby. So I bought a little make-up (rarely wear it *shrug*) and manicures and pedicures are just as rare for me.

We set the scene with a white table cloth, lots of doilies and jars filled with flowers, and a couple baby things. I was hoping to do pink mini roses :rose: for Lyla Rose, but they were out, Jonathan got the next best thing he could find. My mom gave me the wooden L block and I work those little white leather shoes when I was little.


We made a simple salad with cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, fresh grated parmesan cheese, and homemade croutons. My sons made the grape skewers and we did buy two subs from Capriotti's to help make it easier. Olive tapenade and homemade pesto were the spreads for the crostini platter. Omg, the crostini....wow. It doesn't look like it in the picture but we toasted it perfectly. Just that perfect crunch and softness on the inside, smeared with pesto, put some salami and mozzarella cheese on top, tomato and fresh basil. I'm getting hungry again just writing about it. It was all delicious.

Now my favorite part...

The cupcakes.

Oh yes, the cupcakes.

My friend Yukino picked up my order from Sprinkles Cupcakes and they were divine. I ordered a bunch of different flavors and we cut them up and shared them so we could try a bit of everything. I think my favorite one was the plain vanilla with chocolate buttercream. Could definitely go for another one right now!

Yukino sewed all of those pillows as a gift! In the future I want to make a corner for Lyla filled with handmade pillows for cuddling in and reading a good book. Plus she gave me my favorite chocolates which I plan to take with me to eat after I have the baby. Leslie gifted us with diapers, which is awesome. And my friend Amy over from NanaCompany sent me a surprise package with fabrics and a onesie she hand appliquéd! It's now my favorite onesie.  ;)

Lyla can come at anytime now! She's due June 13th and ahhh! So excited! This baby sprinkle was perfect to me.