This New Website of Mine Bids You Welcome!


I'm excited to say that I've finally gotten my new website up!(!!!) =D It did take me freakin' forever of course, but it's done so bam. I put so much work into all of it, it's neat to see it all in fruition finally.  I love making everything artsy and my website would be no exception, which was maybe a bad idea in terms of how much time I spend on things? So I spent quite a long time deciding on what kind of website I wanted, the look, organization, and building it to how I wanted it. It got very frustrating at times because even though I enjoy web design...I don't enjoy making it most of the time. Once you decide to take a break from it for a while, the internet will keep advancing without you and you end up having a lot of catching up to do. I want to spend more time drawing, painting, and making videos, and not having to work with website code so much. I'm surprised at what I was able to accomplish, it's more than I pictured I'd do in all honestly. I put my mind to know how the quote goes.  :raven:

I will be making much better use of my blog from now on unlike before when I sparsely updated and felt like my blog wasn't connected with my previous website at all.

New Features:

  • Slide shows

  • Easier navigation

  • Drop down menus

  • Integrated shop

  • Better art gallery & videos page

  • Custom emoticons

  • It's prettier

  • User log-in

  • Social network sharing buttons

  • Draw a picture to include in your comment, so cool!

  • Frequently Asked Questions, to save us all a little headache and time

  • Freebies (omg yes!)

  • Too many other small things to mention that I love. :love:

  • Commenting system on my art, videos, and blogs. =D (kind of silly, but I didn't have it on my own website before, only on other social networks, so it's a biggie for me)

I plan to host contests a many here. Giveaways too! (hint hint) I spoke of tutorials to some folks in the past and those are coming underway as well. Keep an eye out for fine arts and crafts tutorials in the form of both video and articles.

So please explore, and let me know what you think of the site, and have fun.  ;)


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Laurens Signature