24th Birthday


To start, I went to get a haircut three days ago.  It ended up turning out not the way I was hoping for ( maybe due to the fact the different stylist wasn't very professional *eek* ) it dampened me a bit, no one likes a hair cut they're not too happy about, right?

My birthday started early. That day my husband gave me my present early, a Pandora charm bracelet! :love:  He surprised me with new charms on each new day leading up to my birthday on the 19th. I used to have a really pretty charm bracelet my mom gave me when I was in middle school. I brought it with me to summer camp and put it inside a small cloth bag while doing some crafts, then accidentally left the bag there. I didn't realize until after dinner I didn't have my bracelet, and of course, the bag was gone when I went back. Not in the Lost and Found, also asked around and no one saw it. I hope which ever girl took it enjoyed it a lot!! I didn't have the heart to tell my mom, especially since she and my sister had matching bracelets (Though here's the confession in the form of a blog, Mom). I didn't want to ask her for another of course since I didn't even have it for that long. I actually enjoyed my charm bracelet so much and thought it so special I started another post about it here so that I can add to it as I get more charms in the future. 

My friend Kiki came over for a visit and brought me some goodies, a bag full of Pocky, chocolates, and some yummy Japanese teas & seasonings to use. My favorite gift that I thought was so sweet from her was a gold colored monogram 'L' necklace to match the one she owns.  =)

For the cake we used a Martha Stewart recipe for Pumpkin Cake with Brown Butter Icing. O.m.g. Yum. It was amazing, the brown butter icing complimented it so well. Instead of caramelized walnuts we put toasted pumpkin seeds on top. The mini party was in the front yard, cute and super simple.

The sun was setting, so the golden hour approached. It was neat having an outdoor party with nicer weather; since it's always really, really cold during November in Colorado. All of the previous years I've had my birthday in Las Vegas it's been indoors.

Jonathan and I went to see Hunger Games a couple days later when it came out. I really liked it, and can't wait for the next two movies. I'll probably reread the books again in the meantime lol. Overall, it was a fun birthday for me!




What was your most favorite birthday cake you've ever had?