My Pandora Bracelet


Jonathan, my husband, knew that I had wanted to get a charm bracelet for years, it was honestly a very big surprise for me. I thought maybe I'd get one in a more distant future, I ended up getting one for my 24th birthday. <~~There's a bit of history to my wanting one. It meant more than a lot to me in receiving it. It started off with four charms: strawberries, a bunny, a clip with a pink heart, and a pink spacer. So I plan to update this post as I get new charms over time  and thought it'd be fun to share. =)

To begin, he gave it to me early before my birthday, and I'd wake up with new charms on it everyday after that leading up to my birthday. Being me, I was thoroughly overwhelmed. I was practically crying (okay balling my eyes out) when he first gave me the thing. He told me that it was hidden in a drawer, after I found that small shiny bronze box I knew immediately it was definitely & most likely jewelry. Upon opening it *le gasp* a charm bracelet! In which we come full round back to me crying again. I stood there, him hugging me, and I'm crying over a piece of jewelry! I equate my enthused emotions to having had kids lol. He makes fun of me about it of course  :P

I'd never really heard of a Pandora charm bracelet before, maybe seen an ad or two in a magazine, as I breezed past them to get to the real article. I was very surprised at the beauty and quality of it. They're solid sterling silver and not plated. Which was a big deal to Jonathan when he went out hunting for the right kind of bracelet apparently, since we've both had pieces that changed color from only a couple uses of wear (a partially silver and bronze colored Ralph Lauren belt buckle for example). Wanting something that would last many years, which I really appreciate. See, I'm not a big jewelry kind of girl, as in I don't go out and actively buy lots of jewelry let alone the really nice jewelry that will last. I do love to wear it though! ^_^; I have some cheaper little pieces to go with outfits, a bangle or necklace here and there from clearance section at Anthropologie or Target. This charm bracelet is the third piece of jewelry I've received from my husband, the first being my engagement ring, the second a silver locket (which I put black and white pictures of us in and wear that one a lot). This was before Jude or Jacob was even born. So I guess you could say it's a massive deal to me. He picked out all of the charms too which is even more fascinating because they're the exact ones I would've picked myself. He's been paying attention, that's for sure!

After doing a little research I found out about the other popular brands Trollbeads (the 1976 original), Chamilia, some other brands, and that people actually love to make knock offs. I learned about some of the history too. These bracelets were growing in popularity and a bigger deal than I thought. People actually pay more for some retired charms even. I went to YouTube and watched some videos of people sharing their jewelry going on about quality and brand, looked at blogs too. It went on and on, the talk and showing of jewelry that is. I never delved into the world that is "Diamonds & Jewelry Galore". I quickly shut the door on that, then went back for a teeny peek. *Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend starts playing* I think I'm happy with what I have right now and what it means to me.

I did check out the Pandora charms for myself, and I will be blunt: they're expensive.  o_O It quickly adds up, but for a quality bracelet and charms that I hope to be wearing many many years from now, I think it's worth it. It makes each new charm more special to me and more thought is put into each one. It's already a gift I cherish.

Random Tip: I use guitar picks to open up the clasp on my bracelet.

Current charms:

Easter Bunny

One of my favorite animals.

Sweet Strawberry

My favorite fruit of all time.

Pink Trinity

A spacer with my favorite color.

Pink Love of My Life

More pink but in a cute heart.

Garden Odyssey Black Spinel

A healing stone. 

Once Upon a Time

I love to read, very simply put. I. Love. Reading. This fairy tale book charm was perfect!


This supports my love for fantasy, and unicorns of course.

Cherry Blossom Clip

My favorite kind of flower.

Shear Perfection

Since I like to sew so much.

[/one_half] [one_half_last]

Cherry Blossom Murano

More of my favorite flower. My son Jacob brought this one to me.

Perfect Gift

First charm I got for myself with some birthday money. It's adorable!

Vanity Mirror

I thought of Anne of Green Gables for some reason and think it's so pretty . I also want to get a mirror like it for myself.

Cherry Blossom

I got this for Christmas from my husband. He also got me another one on a chain for me to wear on a necklace.

Flowers for You

I liked a colors on this one.

Pink Double Diva

This charm links two bracelets together which I thought was cool.

Gold Heart Safety Chain

A Christmas gift from my dad. I love the little gold hearts.

Do you have a favorite piece of jewelry or a Pandora bracelet?