Getting Ready for the Holidays


It's well into December and I've been working on something in every moment I can find. There's been lots of gifts to be made, decorating, letters to Santa, and a visit to the big guy himself. Now I can't exactly post pictures or write about what gifts I've been working on, duh. :P So to start instead, I have been working on a stocking for my aunt. It's a felt appliqué project with plenty of sequins just like the stockings my mom and grandma made for their kids. This particular stocking is a jumbo size, it's almost twice the size of your average stocking! I wouldn't mind being the kid who got that stocking all filled up on Christmas morning lol. I'm going to try and finish it within the next couple of days.

Yesterday I printed out some free templates real quick for the boys to color and write their letters (with some help of course). Since Jude's now in Kindergarten and starting to write, it was his first letter he wrote.  =) I helped him spell out the words he didn't know, and was surprised with the things he hoped to receive this year, which I think Santa can deliver.  ;)

It was off to the mall afterwards. We'd never taken the boys to see Santa Claus before since I knew they wouldn't remember it if they were babies, and they'd definitely be scared of him as toddlers (knowing their personalities and them not having a full grasp of who or what Santa is we didn't think it was worth wrestling them onto Santa's lap, stressing us all out.), but being 4 and 5 seemed perfect and I'm glad we waited.

When we got to the mall Jude looked over the railing and gasped when he could see Santa sitting just below. We went downstairs and soon it was our turn next in line. So I spoke to Jacob while crouched and when I turned around Jude was already sitting on Santa's lap not 2 seconds later! :lol: Jacob was apprehensive in approaching him so I went up with him and we all ended up huddling together in the picture. Both boys promptly handed their letters to him when he asked them what they wanted for Christmas. Jude was quite serious about the whole event, it was Santa Claus after all. He did really enjoy himself though and I'm super happy with how the picture turned out!

Afterwards, we picked up some chocolates at See's Candies as a treat and received almost as many samples as the actual amount we bought.  ^_^;  It's now time to get back to work and finish everything before our trip to spend Christmas in Colorado. :heart:

Is there anything you're hoping for or looking forward to this holiday season?