Window Shopping at the Five and Dime

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Today starts the day we go window shopping at the Five and Dime, fabric by the wonderful Heidi Staples! 

It's her first fabric collection and it has such a fun charm to it. The colors are a bright but a bit muted, giving it that older feel I love.

Fun fabric, isn't it?

While working on these projects I had Breakfast at Tiffany's playing in the background (yet again!) and the scene where Paul and Holly steal from the "Five and Ten" came up, which I thought was kind of funny considering the fabric I was working with! Though no stealing around here! ;)

Heidi was also crazy nice and sent me some happy mail: a little jar filled with notions. I just had to use at least one or two in the projects! (zipper absent since I already sewed with it in the marble bag below!)

The Projects

Originally, I had planned to make Lyla a dress in the same fabric below, but in the mustard yellow color. I cut into the fabric with a new pattern from a new book I had recently gotten, only to realize (without thinking) that the pattern pieces seemed rather large for a child size 2. Turned out that the patterns were sized based on measurements, and not by the child's age. -,- I'd used up most of the fabric and decided to go with plan B. I'll sew the yellow dress later, she can wear it when she's about 5 I'm guessing? I had a half yard of the fabric in blue, just barely enough for a little jump skirt. I mean literally there was a 3" x 6" bit of fabric leftover. I drafted it on the spot using her measurements that I keep written on a card. Paired with a simple white Peter Pan collar knit shirt, she's ready to play!

The Play Skirt

I was very happy with how clean my button holes turned out too with my new Clover button hole cutter. It's pretty much a small super sharp chisel that'll give you a nice clean cut compared to using a seam ripper. ;)

Lunch Tea Towel

Next, I've been wanting to make the cute dishtowels from Ayumi Takahashi's book Patchwork Please! and I think Five and Dime worked great for colors.

Linen, rick rack, appliqué, and a small running stitch touch makes for a very cheery tea towel!

Bubbly Soap Appliqué Pincushion

I stuffed this pin cushion with crushed walnut shells to give it a little weight. Super quick to make! You can't have too many pincushions in your collection..or scissors...or sewing machines...


Marble Zipper Bag with Handle

I think I like how this one came out the most.

My husband kept his old marbles in a glass peach jar and they barely fit in it. Our kids like to play with them now, and they had a hard time putting all the marbles back in the jar. Plus there's no extra space if they wanted to add to the collection. When I saw the little marbles box in the fabric, I had the idea to sew up a zipper pouch for the marbles we had. I put the zipper on the front of the pouch instead of the tippy top, that way the kids can lay the pouch down and the marbles won't run all over the place. (I know they'll still spread them all over the floor, but still!) They needed a handle to carry it around too.

I added a layer of batting to thicken up the back and quilted it for a little strength, and gave it a clear front so they can see all the marbles. =)

And that's all folks! I'll be sure to post pictures when I finish up the yellow dress that was cut too large. ;D In the meantime be sure to check out what these other talented ladies will be making with Five and Dime fabric through out the week! =)

If you sew with Five and Dime be sure to tag #FiveandDimeFabric, #windowshoppingatthefiveanddime, and #pennyrosefabric on social media so everyone can see what you've made!

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