Little Dolly Fabric Showcase


To start, Little Dolly is the most recent fabric line to be released by my very, very talented friend, Elea Lutz.

It's filled with pastels that are perfectly sweet, and any little girl is sure to love it. Especially in a doll. (Which there's going to be a book coming out this month and dolly kits and everything!!) I've started the dolly, but she still needs some work before I show her off!

Pretty colors, aren't they?


I needed to dress my real live doll/daughter. I thought, a dress in the floral fabric. And it's begging to be smocked with some flutter sleeves and a little pink cotton rick rack. Plus bloomers. Because bloomers.

I posted the 2 videos below on Instragram and had several questions about this contraption. This is actually a pleater. My mom gave me her old one and it makes prepping your fabric for smocking a breeze. You just roll up your fabric on a dowel, thread the amount of needles for the number of rows you need, and feed the fabric through evenly. That's the fun part!

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Then you just smock your design on. Smocking is actually fairly easy I think, and the result looks more complicated than it actually is.

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So, I have to share this Clover curved tailor's awl, curtesy of Clover, that's quickly become my new favorite tool. Lost count of how many times I've used it already! It's nice to use to pull out embroidery stitches when I don't want to accidentally cut the thread with my seam ripper. You can see I picked out the blue stitching and stuck with all pink. Though all blue would've been cute too.

The awl was nice when used as a stiletto while adding the rick rack border to the bottom of the dress too.

Awesome hot hemmer by Clover; it gave me a crisp edge while ironing and keeping my hem perfectly measured. This job is a lot easier now.

This job is even easier too now. I love this wide bodkin! Ever used a safety pin and twist the elastic or accidentally opened the safety pin when pulling the elastic through? Yup, I do more than I'd care to admit... Helps keep Lyla's bloomers from getting in a bunch and looking the way they should...


...looking cute on a baby bum.

This yellow rose print it probably my favorite. I normally see tiny little rose buds, but these ones are larger. I noticed all of the prints were larger than expected when I finally got to see the fabric in person, but I liked that. Usually these types of prints are very small and teeny. =)

It was also Lyla's favorite print. She went through the fabrics when I first got them, and wore this fabric like a cape several days straight. I couldn't sew with it until after she went to bed and I snuck it out and ironed it back out! XD

Next up is this purse.

Once Lyla saw the purse, she immediately put it on and just knew. Of course.  ^_^

I used this tutorial from Make It & Love It. (very easy to follow by the way) The only difference I made was to lengthen the strap since I thought it might be easier for her to carry over her shoulder.

A quick bow barrette. Always a fun touch.

Some contrasting bias binding...

Someone was a little embarrassed at first!

But she really liked her new outfit!

Lyla ”Let's go Mommy!”


This fabric was really fun to sew with, I plan to make even more things out of it. Bright, fun, and cheery!

If you sew with Little Dolly be sure to tag #LittleDollyFabric and #IlovePennyRose on social media so everyone can see what you've made! Check out what the other talented ladies have made in the list below. =D They never cease to amaze me.

Here's the full Line-Up