Happy Birthday Lyla!


It's finally here, her birthday.

One year since I had the most precious little girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. Lyla, you've been the little girl we've dreamed of and wanted very much. I'm very sad that those baby months have passed but can't wait to enjoy all of the coming years as you grow.

Happy BirthdayLyla!

I made a simple vanilla cake topped with roses for our Lyla Rose. She was pretty hesitant to try her very first cake.

Lyla "Mmmmm!”

I love the fabric for her birthday dress. I saw it in a quilting store with my mom while I was visiting her in Colorado when Lyla was about 2 months old. I thought it'd make a cute birthday dress looking like sprinkles on frosting, and yes I do think that far ahead. ^_^; So Mom bought me some and I said I'd make Lyla a birthday dress out of it. The pattern I chose was from my grandma's old patterns and was a smocked piece. It took me some time with all of the hand sewing for the smocking, but I love how sweet it turned out.

I also used my Cameo to cut out her hat (and the birthday banner) and made a quick pink yarn pom pom to top it. I think it really helped pull her birthday outfit together.

I think she had fun!