Catching Up


I feel like I'm starting to get used to having 3 kids now. Well, maybe. Until one becomes a teenager, and the baby isn't a baby anymore, ahh!

On the baby topic- I did sew this diaper bag months ago just in time before Lyla was born, still not sure how I did that one. I've loved using it so far. It came from Ayumi's pattern found in the Patchwork Tushin no.179 magazine. My friend Yukino helped to translate the pattern directions from Japanese into English for me. 

The leather handles were a pain in the butt. I barely had enough leather and thick piping for them, and my machine didn't care for the leather very much either. I was really wishing for a teflon machine foot at that time.

For my birthday last November the same aforementioned friend gave me a very much wanted tart pan. Because this girl loves tarts. I wanted to try it out but December was pretty much a very busy holiday blur and January was recovering from December .  =)

I had one homemade pie crust in the freezer, blueberries, and some vanilla beans and thought something good could come of that. I used a basic crème pâtissière (pastry cream) recipe and glazed the berries with an apricot jelly.

~ I always love seeing all of the vanilla specks in the creme. ~

The tart was gone by the end of the day... yuuum it was way good. Can't wait until berries get cheaper during the summer to give me more reason to bake up some tarts.

I finished off a dishtowel I start like 2 years ago. It was my first attempt at English Paper Piecing. I did it with 1/2" hexies using scraps of 30's repro fabric and stitched it onto an old flour sack. I love that the flour sack says Pikes Peak Bakers (me being from Colorado and all) I wish that it wasn't so faded though!

Still a cute dish towel nonetheless.