Artist Asleep at His Easel


Jonathan discovered our son, Jude who just turned 4, asleep on his bed at his easel. Blue colored pencil in hand. I ran and got my camera & snagged this shot before he could move into a different position, or possibly wake up.

It reminded me of a picture my mom has of me when I was about Jude's age here actually and I fell asleep in my bowl of cereal!

Jude is becoming notorious for wanting to use an easel to draw at. So, I set him up with one of my display Aaron Brothers easels and a drawing board for back support. (I tried a standard table top easel at first, but he only uses it sometimes and prefers the ‘big' display easel more.) I planned to get an A-frame easel eventually, when the extra space ensues, but I think I'm going to have to get one even sooner for this boy!  ^_^




Any fond memories of you or someone falling asleep in a funny way?