18 New Prismas with Free Printable Color Chart


I recently got the 132 colored pencil pack by Prismacolor. I was excited until not even a month later or so they released the 150 set... I went to my local art stores, and even the Dick Blicks far far north in the city, and they didn't plan on carrying the individual pencils anytime soon. I just wanted to get some new colors lol, what can I say?

I went online and looked instead and found a store that was temporarily selling the extra 18 colors as a pack. So I jumped on it and they came in the mail shortly afterwards. (I don't recall the shop I got them at because it's been awhile at the writing of this post.) If you can't find a store with them, places like Dick Blicks and Utrechtart sells them individually as well as the big sets, but I do urge you to try your local art store first!

I was really happy with having all of the available colors now. I decided to print out the chart that Prismacolor provided but wasn't too fond of the look it's larger than normal printing size. Granted I own a wide format printer, but most people own a standard size printer. So I took it upon myself to make one for all of us to use.  ^_^ (It took a couple hours haha)

I recommend printing it on the paper you plan to draw with at a size of 8.5x11". I had to cut down a 9x12" piece of drawing paper to fit in my printer. This way when you go to fill in the color you will see them as they will more truly appear in your drawings. Then put your finished chart inside of a sheet protector and you're all set! I made the resolution higher too incase you wish to print it larger than standard size. If you're unsure what the chart is for, it's so you can compare the colors with each other and with any references you are using in your drawing.

Click to Download the Prismacolor Color Charts

150 Chart                            132 Chart

I hope the chart does the job for all of you colored pencil artists out there! Go ahead and share it with others you know by referencing them back to this page or to the

deviantArt download

I have of it.




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