Fabric Sucker Ornament Tutorial

Growing up we had two of these fabric sucker ornaments hanging on our tree. They're very easy, and especially quick to make and add that "sweet" touch to your tree. I think they'd even be fun to hang on a garland for a girl's party.  ^_^ Who doesn't like candy hanging up on their Christmas tree??


  • Fabric -cut to 4.5 x 5.5" pieces

  • 1.5" (38mm) styrofoam balls

  • sucker sticks

  • string, twine, or ribbon

  • wire, ornament hooks or, eyelet screws

  • hot glue gun


Cut your fabric into 4.5" x 5.5"pieces. Getting rid of the extra inch helped with the bulk of fabric I found, and wraps around the 1.5" balls just nice.


Using the sucker stick, poke a hole into the ball a little ways, and add a drop of hot glue into the hole to glue the stick in.


Add a teeny tiny drop of hot glue to the top of the sucker and center it onto the middle of the fabric. (We'll be poking a hole later, so not too much hot glue here!)

Add glue to both sides of the stick and fold the flaps of fabric in.

Repeat for the other two sides.

Next, add more drops of hot glue for the 4 corner flaps, being sure to work the fabric so that it lays flat to the sucker.


I used a basic white twine for my suckers, but use any pretty string or ribbon to tie up your yours.  =) Wrap it around twice and then make a double knot to secure it and finish by tying it off with a bow. Pull the bulk of the fabric down to help create a more polished look in the sucker if need be. If you glued your fabric around the ball fairly tightly, then the previous tip shouldn't be needed.


Using an awl or sharp pair of small scissors, poke a small hole into the top of the sucker.

You can use an eyelet screw or take some wire such as an ornament hook and bend it into a closed loop. I used the ornament hook to make it less noticeable overall and it was also cheaper.

Put a little hot glue onto the hanging hardware and glue it in and you're done!

I love how cute they look on the tree, and it's great for using up little scraps of fabric and to make with the kids. I haven't tried making them with regular glue, but I'm sure it'd work out fine and just require longer drying times. I'd love to see any that you make!

Happy ornament making!