Making Flower Crêpes


I was able to get my hands on some fresh edible pansy's at a restaurant supply store the other day, and I decided to finally try a recipe from my Cooking with Flowers book. The one that stood out most to me was the pansy crêpes. Great for Spring!

So I gently washed and dried the pansies and laid them out. I ended up using a basic crêpe recipe since I didn't have any buckwheat flour on hand like the recipe called for. I bought berries to go with the crêpes too, just in case they didn't turn out. I wasn't sure how the flowers would taste, whether they'd be bitter or not. Surprisingly these pansies were very sweet! Success! My boys ate theirs up, except Jude nixed on the fresh whipped cream. What?! Said he didn't like whipped cream, it might be a sign for me to disown him now, maybe?? :P

I'd say that the hardest part was trying to get the pansies to lay flat so they looked prettiest when cooked. I should probably get a crêpe pan and spatula in the future since I like to make them often enough. I might go for some savory ones next time too.

Aren't they cute?? I'd love to serve them at a tea party or something that calls for a floral/girly dish.  ^_^

I was very busy last week with family in town (before they make their big move to Germany for 4 years!) and hosting a sleepover two nights in a row for 5 kids. I ended up not getting all of my curtains sewn on time, but I wasn't very worried about that. There were lots of card games with Gram, grilling on the barbecue, and hanging out in general. I did get a head start on Easter though. I started sewing liners for baskets to use through out the years finally, plus I sewed a couple more treat bags. Jonathan and I got some goodies from See's Candies for the baskets already. Chocolate bunnies, sour bunny gummies, and chocolate eggs that have a white chocolate chick inside. I'm putting Pocky in too since it's a favorite of all of ours! Jacob loves the matcha green tea flavor, I fall towards the strawberry :strawberry: and almond flavored ones. Each boy gets a book too. The Richard Scarry 'Bunnies' book was more for me I might just end up in my basket haha.

I think the embroidery makes the baskets extra adorable! XD I'm trying to go for a vintage Easter feel, a little bit "timeless?" I just want to be able to use them for many years, look cute, and hold up to future Easter egg hunts and not fall apart like the lame baskets from last year... ^_^; Spring Break is this next week for us, but I'll probably be working on a lot of things, Jude's 6th birthday is coming up and the day after is Easter. Very excited.

Have you tried making anything new lately in the kitchen, or worked on something for the Spring time?