A Party for Yukino


Today is my friend Yukino's birthday. She planned to come over for brunch after I asked her to earlier in the week. So I made her a purple party complete with hanging purple flowers, and a surprise purple ombre cake.

Yukinos Birthday_01
Yukinos Birthday_02

We love philly cheesesteaks around here, and I hadn't made them for Yukino before after talking about them several times. I caramelized those onions for over an hour, good bread, good steak, good cheese, mayo. Awesome. She seemed to really, really enjoy her sandwich too!

Yukinos Birthday_03

I made these hanging flowers out of coffee filters following this tutorial. I dyed them in water with acrylics and dried them. My husband helped me out a lot in putting them together and hanging them up for me. The flowers in the vase are made of coffee filters too, just cut and taped up on some sticks.

Yukinos Birthday_05
Yukinos Birthday_06
Yukinos Birthday_07
Yukinos Birthday_08.5
Yukinos Birthday_08
Yukinos Birthday_15
Yukinos Birthday_12
Yukinos Birthday_16
Yukinos Birthday_17

I think next to Yukino walking in to see the decorations in the house, that her reaction while cutting into the cake was my favorite part! The cake I made was a simple vanilla cake with vanilla frosting. I was trying to go for an ombre effect, but accidentally made the top layer a bit too purple! It was still pretty I thought though! I made the flowers out of fondant, nothing too complex. It was Jonathan's suggestion to make it a hexagon shape since I wanted to trim off the edge to try and remove the brown edges to enhance the purple.  :* We ate some yummy Häagen-Dazs ice cream alongside with it too.

Yukinos Birthday_18

I wish she could've stayed longer (darn work!) but it was really fun and sweet! Happy birthday girl!