Camera Strap Cover


It was time to personalize my new camera a little bit. I used this great tutorial from The Cottage Home to make my own camera strap with scraps of fabric I had.  If sewing isn't your thing, you can find tons of handmade camera straps all around online, especially   ;)

Originally I was only going to ruche the top part of the cover and maybe add some fabric flowers. I loved the idea of making the ruffle and adding a ribbon on top instead thanks to the tutorial, especially since I had some adorable owl ribbon I've been wanting to use.

Cost of project:

Under $4.00


3  hours while watching my boys at the same time.

I followed the steps to a tee pretty much, the steps were very easy to follow.

I added my own addition in the end, which was the little pocket to hold a SD card or the eye guard piece for those times when I photograph without it. I've lost the eye guard once before in the past, no fun! I did end up finding it, so no worries there.

I feel like I've got some personality when I walk around taking pictures now.